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Are You Wondering How Your Event Will Come Together?

Are You Wondering How Your Event Will Come Together?

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Northern Idaho up to Sandpoint. South to Pullman.North to Colville.

    1. Food and beverage catering and event management.

  • We offer a wide variety of food. We call it Pacific northwest cuisine.

    We also feature BBQ and comfort foods

  • Yes we have the ability to set up full bars anywhere in the state of Washington. We also have a wide variety of non alcohol choices.

  • Depends on the complexity of the event but usually under an hour.

  • Yes we offer high quality of disposable ware for all events or will rent China if the client requests it.

  • Menus are ala carte. So we can drop off just the food or add people to get to the desired level of service. This is a complicated one we might have to talk through.

  • Yes

  • Other than the ones we own we work with Runway 4 at Felts field, The Boxcar in downtown Spokane, Arbor crest winery, The MAC Museum, Riverside place.

    1. There are only minimum orders per item. Example is appetizers at 1 dozen or some entrees at a minimum or 25. Other than that no minimums.

  • Once a deposit is received for a date, that date is set aside the deposit is non refundable.

  • A wide Variety. (check with your event planner for options)

  • Yes we are very familiar with most food allergies and can accommodate them in most if not all events we cater.

  • Yes we commonly customize menus to our customers tastes. The menu is only a small amount of the items we offer.

  • Yes we work with the customer to determine the amount of staff need to have a successful event

  • Yes we can or the customer can choose to do part or all of that themselves.

  • As far in advance as you want. As soon as you are sure of your date it’s a good idea to get on our calendar.

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