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This whole experience was wonderful and will be highly recommended by us. Thank you so much!

Kady | Spokane, WA

The food was great, and they even arrived early with the food still hot. (Pretty impressive since our event was in CDA) We chose the drop off option since we had a small event, but they set up the food and stenno heaters nicely, and even let us have the nice containers as we were dropping them off the next day. The biggest part though, is we had some guests with just the absolute laundry list of allergies, and they were able to accommodate all of them, and finding a venue that can deal with peanuts and treenuts especially is a lot harder than I thought. Thank you for helping us set up a great wedding, and double thanks for no one ending up needing an epi-pen!

Cody Dotson | Spokane,WA

Listened very well to what I wanted and made great suggestions. Heidi who took care of drinks was so great. Very attentive, respectful and such a pleasure to have joined us. By the end of the event she was like family. Thank you so much! er. A carousel that changes the testimonials.

Sami Perry | Spokane, WA

Just attended an event catered by Red Rock Catering. Every food item was exceptional! And the staff was extremely attentive and customer focused. Its so rare and surprising to experience great customer service these days, but these guys have it!

Will | Spokane,WA

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